January 29, 2023


Welcome to the 10 Minute School app, Bangladesh’s largest online platform for education and beyond!
From academics and skill development to job preparation, 10 Minute School has got you covered with engaging tutorials, in-depth quizzes, and online courses crafted by experts to ease your learning journey.

The 10MS app covers the entire syllabus of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Bengali, ICT, etc. for class 1-12 with comprehensive video tutorials and even live online coaching! What’s more? With the app, students can prepare for competitive board exams like PSC, JSC, SSC & HSC, Cadet College admission, University admission, IELTS, and even job exams like BCS.

Besides academics, the 10MS app also offers a dedicated section for skill development, where you can build your skills with the online courses in a wide range of areas including Facebook Marketing, Freelancing, Web design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Animation, Powerpoint, Photography and also accelerate your career with Professional courses!

Moreover, in the language learning section, you can learn Spoken English, Vocabulary, Quran Shikkha, Namaz Shikkha, and also prepare for IELTS with the best instructors across the country.

But, that’s not all! The 10MS app also offers free, online courses to help you get a headstart on your skill development journey in areas like Presentation, Public Speaking, CV writing, Email Writing, etc.

Designed and taught by some of Bangladesh’s best teachers, the courses and classes offered by 10 Minute School are sure to bolster your growth in your journey from student to corporate life.


– Live online coaching for core subjects of class 1-12, conducted by some of Bangladesh’s best instructors. Learn and resolve any doubts you have with our top instructors, in real-time!
– Access over 50,000 videos and 40,000 quizzes covering the entire syllabus provided by NCTB for K-12.
– Never stop learning! The offline download option lets you access your learning materials even when you are not online.
– Prepare for SSC, HSC, IELTS, BCS, and other competitive exams with extensively well-detailed courses.
– Build your skills with skill development online courses and prepare for the corporate world with professional courses.
– The 10MS Book Store has pdf books from renowned authors on a wide range of skill development topics that are sure to hone your skills and expertise.

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So, download the 10 Minute School app to make it your very own study partner, today!



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