December 3, 2022


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Apple Online Store (China)

Strategic Vision just released the results of an annual study that surveyed 200,000 consumers. This year’s survey covers at least 45 car brands and includes Apple Car for the first time.

The survey results: 26% said they would “definitely consider” buying an Apple Car. This ratio ranks third, behind only Toyota (38%) and Honda (32%), and higher than Tesla’s 20%.

26% represented the brand “impression” of Apple Car, and as for the “quality impression” of Apple Car, 24% affirmed it, ranking first. Tesla’s figure is only 11%.

Clearly, this is a powerful branding presence that shows there’s a huge appetite for Apple cars in addition to phones, computers, watches, and TV set-top boxes.

As early as 2014, Apple began secretly developing the Apple Car electric car. In December 2020, it was reported that Apple is advancing self-driving car technology, with the goal of launching an electric car as early as 2024. There have been recent reports that Apple plans to launch a fully self-driving electric car around 2025.

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