November 30, 2022

I think Hal’s tip was because he didn’t grasp the concept. He was basically just saying the only way to get better at the game is to take fights because then you practice all your applicable skills, aim, movement, coordination etc.

I agree once you start getting comfortable with your aim, the next thing you should be focused on is the big picture of fights. Do I have cover near to help me disengage? Does the team have an advantage (like high ground)? Who are their Legends & have they used their tact/ult? Most importantly should we take this fight/continue to fight or dip?

I’d argue though until you have been in a lot of fights you don’t get the game sense to know if you are at risk for 3rd party or how the map position effects the fight (who has the advantage). However that game sense and not your aim is what will get you from plat to diamond I-II.

From their to Masters you need one of two things, absolutely cracked movement/aim (which 90% of players wont have) or great communication coordination with team. The teamwork is what pushes you to Masters after you have mastered the basics. (As an example look at Hal, I don’t think he has particularly exceptional aim or movement, though both are very good compared to average player. He is good because of his game sense and team coordination.)

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