November 30, 2022

For 5G performance and user experience, Samsung S21/S21 Ultra series is pretty good!
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5G Architecture – A Summary of 5G Network Deployment Options

I have seen good theoretical discussions about 5G Architecture and deployment modes but I wanted to address the practical aspects of it. So, in this short video, I have tried to simplify how a 5G handset interacts with different 5G Architectures (NSA vs SA), corresponding mobility scenarios and what are the pros and cons of each approach. Have a look and do subscribe as many interesting things are in the pipeline!

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5G NR Throughput Estimation – How much speed or data rate will I get on 5G?

5G Applications: How Low 5G Latency Is Achieved For Major 5G Applications!

5G Frame Structure

5G Frequency and Time Domain Structure

5G Bandwidth Efficiency – How 5G uses Frequency Bandwidth more efficiently

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