November 30, 2022


Ali cloud server selection special: 1 core 1G cloud server as low as 0.9 yuan / month


Apple Online Store (China)


Among them, the iPhone 13 series has the most powerful promotions, and everyone can enjoy a discount of 600 yuan, but this has been questioned by many netizens as clearing the inventory.

After all, it is only two months away from the release of the iPhone 14 in September, and judging from the recent supply chain news, the upgrade of the iPhone 14 Pro is particularly huge, which can be said to be the biggest upgrade in the past five years.

Among them, the most notable is that the iPhone 14 Pro series will cancel the notch screen for the first time. This is the biggest change Apple has made to the front appearance since the advent of the iPhone X, which will stimulate the desire of many users to switch phones.


If you are moved by Apple’s promotions to start the iPhone 13 Pro series at this time, then these users may miss the major upgrade of the iPhone 14 Pro.

In addition, for large-screen users, the iPhone 14 series also has a new iPhone 14 Max (or iPhone 14 Plus) model, which is much cheaper than the Pro Max version, but except for some extreme users, it is comparable to the Pro There will not be a particularly big difference in the experience of using Max.

Of course, what’s more important is that this Apple’s event is actually slightly lacking in sincerity. The discount is much smaller than that of e-commerce. However, the 24-period interest-free installment of the signboard has been cut, and only 12 interest-free installments have been made. Many users complained.

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In general, it is recommended that non-rigid users can wait for the iPhone 14.