February 8, 2023

iPhone14 reserve LV

We have summarized the rumors so far about iPhone14 and iPhone14 Max, and iPhone14 Pro and iPhone14 Pro Max. New forecasts regarding the date of the iPhone 14 series announcement event and the release date have been announced.

Summary of rumors about the iPhone 14 series

The iPhone 14 series will hold an announcement event on September 13, 2022 (Tuesday) local time, and was expected to be released on the 26th (Friday), but leaker Mac Weinbach and Bloomberg’s Mark Garman. A reporter reports that the announcement event will be held on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, local time.
Garman reports that the iPhone 14 series will be released on Friday, September 16th. Based on new information, we have updated the forecast for the event announcement date, opening date, reservation start date, and release date.
Information on the power consumption of Samsung Display’s organic EL display installed in the iPhone 14 series has been revealed.
The specifications of the iPhone 14 series, which are rumored at the moment, are as follows.
▼ Model name and main specifications
▼ Camera
▼ Dimensions
▼ Estimated sales price
▼ Announcement / sale / reservation start date and time

Model name and main specifications

iPhone14 AH 0321


Model name iPhone14 iPhone14
Pro Max
Code name










Current model iPhone13 new type iPhone13 Pro iPhone13 Pro Max

A15X Bionic

A16 Bionic



6GB LPDDR5 (*1)

display size 6.06 inch 6.68 inches 6.12 inch 6.69 inches display supplier BOE, LG LG, Samsung Samsung LG, Samsung
Display specifications LTPS
Flexible OLED
Flexible OLED
Always-on display
refresh rate 60Hz 1-120Hz, ProMotion
power consumption
(Compared to iPhone12)



front camera
Surrounding design


i type punch hole

charging speed

35W fast charging

External connection terminal

Lightning, communication speed increased from USB 2.0 to equivalent to 3.0


SOS message transmission function using satellite communication

*1: Regarding the RAM capacity of the iPhone14 Pro series, there are overseas media that expect 8GB.


iPhone14 A16 A15 AD


Model name iPhone14 iPhone14
Pro Max
rear camera
(wide angle)

12 million pixels

48 million pixels

rear camera
(ultra wide angle)

12 million pixels

rear camera

12 million pixels


powered by

of the rear camera
Size (mm) (*2)
36.71 x 38.24 36.73 x 38.21
Height of rear camera (mm)
(height from rear panel)
Rear camera ring diameter (mm) 13.85
Rear camera lens diameter (mm) 8.05
Flash diameter (mm) 6.9
LiDAR scanner diameter (mm) 6.5
front camera

Autofocus, f1.9

front camera

Sharp, LG Innotek


*2: Rear camera bump, rear camera housing, and what foreign media describes as rear camera part

External dimensions, body color

iPhone14 Pro CAD AD


Model name iPhone14 iPhone14
Pro Max
width (mm) 71.45 78.53 (including side buttons)
height (mm) 147.46 160.71
thickness (mm)
7.85 7.85
thickness (mm)
(Rear camera part)
12.02 12.16
Bezel width (mm) 1.95 (13 Pro Max is 2.42)
Height of receiving speaker (mm) 0.57 (13 Pro Max is 1.52)
Punch hole width (mm) Right: 5.59, Left: 7.15
Distance from punch hole to bezel (mm) 2.29
Housing material aluminum Stainless (*3)
body color

Green, Purple, Blue, Black, White, Red

green, purple, silver, gold, graphite

*3: JP Morgan Chase expects that the housing material of the iPhone14 Pro series will be titanium.

Expected selling price

Trial calculation results based on rumors that the iPhone 14 Pro series has a minimum storage capacity of 256GB and a maximum storage capacity of 2TB
iPhone14 Pro 256 price

Trial calculation results based on rumors that the storage capacity of the iPhone 14 Pro series will remain the same as the iPhone 13 Pro series and the price will be raised
iPhone14 Pro 128 price


Announcement/sale/reservation start date

iPhone14 Pro VLD 0323

Leaker Max Weinbach and Bloomberg reporter Mark Garman’s predictions for the iPhone 14 series launch event and release date are as follows.
Assuming that this information is correct, I tried to predict the event opening date and reservation start date.

content date and time
Presentation event information August 30 (Tuesday) or 31 (Wednesday), 2022
Event date September 7, 2022 (Wednesday)
Reservation start date September 9, 2022 (Friday)
Release date September 16, 2022 (Friday)

Source: iMore
Photo: Apple Hub/Facebook (1), (2), Konstantin Konovalov (@aaple_lab)/Twitter, Appledsign/Facebook (1), (2), Apple Hub/Twitter, Volodymyr 🇺🇦(@ld_vova)/Twitter

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