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Shazam was first launched in the UK as an SMS service in August 2002. At that time, users needed to call a designated phone for voice recognition and receive the names of songs and artists in the form of text messages shortly after. Since then, the Shazam app has been launched on Apple’s App Store and acquired by Apple in 2018. According to official data, Shazam achieved 2 billion installs in May this year and exceeded 70 billion cumulative recognitions this month.

What many iPhone users may not know is that when you ask Siri what music is playing, Siri will call Shazam’s ability to identify songs. You can add the “Music Recognition” function to the shortcut menu of your iPhone’s control center through Settings – Control Center, so that when you encounter good music while chasing dramas or watching videos, you can directly pull down the control center and click the Shazam shortcut button. It can also be directly identified.


This in-depth system convenience, coupled with the global popularity of iPhones and iPads, has actually allowed Shazam to unintentionally record current pop culture events. “Running Up That Hill” in 1985 directly topped the Shazam Global Top 200 list in 2022 because of the broadcast of the TV series “Stranger Things”, and maintained the top position for 10 days.

It is precisely because of its functional characteristics that Shazam has been serving as a witness and recorder of the development and changes of popular culture in the 20 years since its birth. Today, Apple officially created a special Apple Music playlist. This playlist contains the songs that Shazam has recognized the most every year in the past 20 years. If you want to know how the public’s taste in pop music has trended in the past 20 years? Or if you find good music that you don’t know, you can go and listen to it.

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In today’s age of algorithms, Shazam can actually help you get out of the information cocoon. I don’t know if you open the music app every day and find that the music recommended on the homepage is similar to the music you usually hear or the singers have a high degree of overlap. This is the same as the short video app. The app developers hope to let you use the software longer , so keep recommending content you might “like”.


However, the types of music itself are rich and the boundaries are very broad, and different genres may also merge with each other to create new sparks. Therefore, the types of music that most people like are very diverse, and they will be moved by works with completely different styles. When you hear a piece of music that you have never heard and like very much, and use Shazam to identify it, Shazam will also create a new recommended song list tailored for your identification results in a special app, virtually opening up new songs for you In the music field, this function also has the feeling of Apple’s Genius playlist in the iPod era.

After Apple acquired Shazam, Apple, which is rich in its own music genes, also operates a series of Shazam special playlists in Apple Music at a weekly pace, and timely passes the current global pop music trends through Apple’s professional editors. Such a combination It is equivalent to avoiding the closed door of music software, allowing editors and algorithms to perceive the preferences of more users and provide more accurate and exciting content.

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This is also particularly important for the global promotion of some regional artists. The 2021 Shazam’s longest-running No. 1 song on the global charts is from a Nigerian singer, making it the second song in Shazam history to be recognized more than a million times in a single week. But in normal times, it may be difficult for you to take the initiative to listen to the music of a Nigerian artist. Such a global platform operation will undoubtedly give users more opportunities to discover new artists that fit their style.

In fact, just like the setting of the popular TV series “Stranger Things”, music can play an unexpected role for people, especially those in distress, and the moments of life accompanied by music are often more memorable. new. So in the future, when you hear music you like on the street, in a coffee shop, or in a movie or TV show, you might as well open Shazam to search and record the music you like. Maybe you will be in the next global pop culture event. One Shazam.