January 29, 2023

One of the most difficult music to arrange and play this year! I mainly take charges of climax part where the piano melody starts and rest were mostly done by Jasper Hu (I only did minor change due to difficulty and optimize a little bit)

The music can divided into

intro and 1st section where La Signora’s theme appears
Fatui’s Theme which has appeared in La Signora’s battle theme and Tartaglia’s Boss Theme
La signora’s theme again with a variation based on her theme motif
La signora’s theme again like first section but in different harmony

The hardest part for us to arrange is definitely the climax part. I’ve discussed with Jasper Hu and we think it may be too simialr to othe arrangement if only use long arpeggios. We end up with using some chords and some arpeggios depends on harmony change. (for long harmony which goes the whole bar, we use half arpeggios crossing two hands followed by leaping chords. And leaping chords only for those half bar harmony change)

Another difficult part to play is the scale part. The scales from the original music is not a complete scales (more like a mode), I’ve been testing the comfortable way to play for one hour and decided to add a bit more notes (which make it a lot more comfortable to play)

The rest parts are all done by Jasper Hu (with minor change as mentioned before) It’s all very good which I don’t have to change much.

Hope you will like this arrangement! This is definitely one of my favourite music from all genshin music so far.

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Sheet Music:

Difficulty 4.5-5.0/5
(The difficulty is only rated according to my OWN arrangements so people can know it before they tried to learn it. I set my hardest arrangements as 5/5 and the easist as 1/5. It doesn’t represent the difficulty of average piano arrangements on Youtube.)


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