February 8, 2023

If nothing else, Apple will officially hold a fall new product launch conference next month, bringing the new iPhone 14 series and other products.

The supply chain will also ship on a large scale this month to ensure the mass production of the iPhone 14 series.

Accessories makers post photos of Apple's iPhone 14 Pro film

Since various designs have been determined, some accessory manufacturers have also obtained accurate data in advance, and started the production of protective shells and tempered films early.

Recently, Laobang Technology, a well-known accessories manufacturer and a digital blogger, has posted a film of the iPhone 14 Pro, in which a very “strong” exclamation mark can be seen, which is still somewhat unacceptable visually.

Accessories makers post photos of Apple's iPhone 14 Pro film

Many netizens are complaining that this opening is too huge and very “stout”.

However, it should be noted that the openings of the general film will be larger than the corresponding holes on the original machine, and the placement will lead to waste due to tolerances and other issues, so the hole digging on the real machine should expose the film to a smaller circle.

In addition, judging from the extremely narrow black border on the film, the screen frame of the iPhone 14 Pro should also be narrowed to a certain extent, otherwise there is no need to increase the cost to make the screen printing so narrow.

On the whole, the upgraded digging holes and the narrowing of the frame will significantly increase the screen-to-body ratio of the real iPhone 14 Pro, and the effect on the front of the real phone should be better than the rendering.

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