November 26, 2022

I would actually buy a set of AirPods Pros if they got a solid discount after an AirPods Pro 2 announcement, although I might need another sale on top of that to make it really worthwhile and feasible for my budget. I bought my first pair of wireless earbuds earlier this year, they’re $80 Soundcore earbuds and for being $80 they’re pretty good, bit bassy sound but they have 3 noise cancellation modes that work pretty alright for the price, 2 transparency modes that are solid, a gaming mode with lower latency, the standard stuff like app compatibility and extra tips, and some stuff a lot of people wouldn’t use like a dedicated sleep mode. It’s a good package for $80, but it’s also $80 and could be a lot better on the sound side and with things like ANC or transparency, and if the AirPods Pros dropped down to like $150 or even $130ish, I’d pick up a pair.

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