November 27, 2022

iPhone status signs and symbols logoOn the iPhone, the space at the top of the screen or next to the display recess is reserved for all sorts of symbols. It is not uncommon for a sign to be displayed, which initially leaves many users perplexed. So that you know which icon in the status bar means what, Apple recently updated the overview of all status characters and symbols.

Apple Shows & Explains All iPhone Status Signs

As an iPhone user, you are regularly confronted with various symbols in the status bar. On older iPhone models without Face ID, these appear at the top of the screen. On devices with a display notch (“Notch”) – or more recently the “Dynamic Island” of the iPhone 14 Pro – they appear to the left and right of the camera cut-out.

For anyone who wants to know exactly what they are dealing with, Apple has a relevant support document that the iPhone manufacturer recently updated. The help page currently lacks corresponding images of the dynamic island of the iPhone 14 Pro. However, as far as the available status bar icons go, it’s complete.

Signs and symbols in the iPhone status bar

Here you can find out, among other things, what the green and orange glowing dots in the status line mean or what it means when the time appears with a blue, red, green or purple background. The list of icons that can pop up in the status bar is quite long. We therefore recommend that you take a short detour to the said page and take a quick look at the various icons and their descriptions. In the future, the guesswork about the meaning of the status symbols will also come to an end.

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Signs and symbols in the iPhone status bar

Tip: If you want to learn more about the function of the glowing LEDs in the iPhone status bar, we recommend our article What does the orange dot on the iPhone mean?

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