December 3, 2022

Apple Watch Series 8 has started handling Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (2nd generation), and Apple Watch Ultra. However, some models are displayed as “currently unavailable” and cannot be reserved.

Apple Watch Series 8

Amazon-Apple Watch Series 8

The prices of the Apple Watch Series 8 on are as follows. As for the GPS + Cellular model, the product page cannot be accessed at the time of writing this article, so we do not know the price etc.
GPS model

  • 41 mm: 59,800 yen including tax
  • 45 mm: 64,800 yen including tax

GPS + Cellular model

  • 41 mm: unknown
  • 45 mm: unknown

The GPS models (41mm/45mm) Silver, Starlight, and Midnight are already available for pre-order, with a release date of September 16, 2022.

Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)

Amazon-Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)

The prices of Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) on are as follows.
GPS model

  • 40 mm: 37,800 yen including tax
  • 44 mm: 42,800 yen including tax

GPS + Cellular model

  • 40 mm: 45,800 yen including tax
  • 44 mm: 50,800 yen including tax

Silver, Starlight, and Midnight reservations are available for both GPS and GPS + Cellular models. The release date is September 16, 2022.

Apple Watch Ultra

Amazon-Apple Watch Ultra

Regarding the Apple Watch Ultra, although the product page is available, the selling price is unknown because it is out of stock. I don’t know if the out of stock is because it’s sold out or because it hasn’t started selling yet.

Source: iPhone Mania

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