January 29, 2023


A rare Apple-1 computer that was personally owned by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was auctioned off at auction house RR Auction and sold at a high price.

The successful bid price is over 90 million yen

RR Auction, which has dealt with rare Apple-related items many times so far, has been auctioning the Apple-1 computer, which is said to have been owned by Mr. Jobs, from the end of July, but it finally won on August 18th. It seems that someone has decided
The winning bid was expected to reach at least $500,000, but it ended up selling for $677,196.

Doubts about the provenance cleared?

The Apple-1 computer exhibited at the auction this time was said to have been owned by Mr. Jobs and presented to Mr. Paul Terrell, the owner of The Byte Shop, but the item put up for auction was actually has been questioned as to its authenticity, and Mercury News also cast doubt on the computer’s provenance, citing several key witnesses, including Steve Wozniak.
However, RR Auction said in a statement that the Apple-1 computer up for auction matched a Polaroid photograph taken by Terrell in 1976. Akim Baku, who manages the Apple-1 registry, also said, “There is no doubt that the prototype was given to Paul Terrell. I have a very detailed copy of the Polaroid, but the details The position, angle, and orientation of more than 20 resistors are all the same,” he said in an email, which seems to have been proven to be genuine.
Source: Apple Insider

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Source: iPhone Mania