February 8, 2023

More recently, in the mid-1970s, Apple founder Steve Jobs held Apple privately—a prototype that sold at auction for nearly $700,000.

Apple-1 prototype owned by Steve Jobs was auctioned Illustration 1

Boston-based RR Auctions said in a statement that the prototype was Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, used in 1976 by Paul Terrell, owner of The ByteShop in Mountain View, California, for Apple- Computer shop, one of the first personal computer shops in the world. The Apple-prototype went up for public auction in late July and officially went on sale on August 18.

Apple-1 prototype owned by Steve Jobs was auctioned Illustration 3

An unnamed Bay Area collector bid $67,196 (about $461.850,000) on Thursday and won the auction, the auctioneer said.

“There would be no Apple-1 without this board. It’s the holy grail of Steve Jobs and Apple memorabilia,” said RR Executive Vice President Bobby Livingston. Only about 200 Apple-1 computers were produced, and the initial price was $666 (about 4542.12 yuan), and most of them were later auctioned at huge prices.

It is reported that this Apple-prototype has been stored in the Apple garage for many years. About 30 years ago, Jobs gave to an unknown person. Decades later, the man decided to auction it off. The circuit boards were also notarized by Apple-1 computer specialist Corey Cohen, and a 13-page report was also included in the auction.

Other Apple memorabilia were sold at the auction, including the first-generation iPhone sealed in a box and a tax-free card signed by Steve Jobs.

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