February 8, 2023


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Apple Online Store (China)

That is to say, as long as the user purchases this service, they can enjoy additional claims services for theft and loss on top of the basic services such as the 2-year extended warranty and warranty replacement originally owned by Apple Care+. The terms of the AppleCare + theft and loss insurance service clearly state that when you lose your iPhone, you can get a brand new iPhone of the same model from Apple for a little more money.


However, this service is currently only available in a few foreign countries, and it is still in the expansion period. It was also launched in France, Italy and Spain not long ago. However, the service has been launched in 2018. Why is there no news in China? Is it because the domestic market has not yet been developed? No, there is a high probability that this service will not be launched in China. The main reason is that the once bad market environment made Apple really dare not try it again.

To talk about this topic, we must not mention a service that Apple has launched in China to benefit consumers. Once upon a time, Chinese users who bought iPhones could go to the Apple Store for free replacement as long as there was a non-human failure. How lenient were the policies at the time? The faulty iPhone does not even need to be returned to the factory for maintenance, and the Apple clerk will replace it with a brand new iPhone on the spot. Since when did this service disappear in China?

In 2013, Apple found that the Apple Store in Shenzhen had more than 2,000 claims per week, a figure that was three times that of the largest Apple Store in the United States at the time. Such anomalous data caught Apple’s attention.

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At that time, some mobile phone profiteers in Shenzhen were still immersed in the dream of getting rich overnight. The traitor purchased a batch of defective iPhones under warranty at a low price, took advantage of this policy to take these defective phones to the Apple Store for replacement, and then sold them in the name of official replacement, in order to obtain huge profits.

But profiteers are profiteers because of their insatiable greed, and they don’t stop there. After doing this, they found that the profit was not high enough. They disassembled the recycled mobile phones, removed all the valuable accessories, and replaced them with fake or unusable accessories. If the previous practice is still within the scope of Apple’s policy, then doing so is tantamount to blatant fraud.


How can the Apple Store clerk understand these evil ways, as long as the serial number of the mobile phone is checked, it will be replaced with a new one on the spot. Once it is profitable, profiteers will report to the group to keep warm. As more and more profiteers join in the woolen activity, the official replacement has gradually formed an industrial chain, which is one of the reasons why the official replacement was so popular in those days. Recycling mobile phones under warranty – dismantling and replacing parts – Apple after-sales replacement – official replacement phones wholesale to merchants or channels – merchants start selling. After such a set of processes, many profiteers made windfalls.

The most direct impact is that Apple’s annual financial report estimated that repair costs were only $1.3 billion, but in fact Apple spent more than $3.7 billion that year, far exceeding analysts’ estimates. So Apple had to close the Apple Store in Shenzhen, but the cost growth trend has continued to rise since then, and Apple found that nearly 60% of domestic replacements are deceptive.

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Naturally, Apple will not sit still and immediately adjust the plan, start using the replacement reservation system, develop diagnostic programs, and coat the battery, CPU and other hardware on the production line with paint that is only visible under certain wavelengths of light to determine whether the hardware has been replaced. However, Apple still underestimated the profiteers’ determination to dig the wool. The profiteers even cooperated with Apple’s after-sales personnel to start endless scams against Apple. The deceptiveness of replacement in China is still 20%-40% higher. This time Apple has also made a mistake. If you cancel this service, you will be accused of discriminating against Chinese consumers and treat them differently. If you don’t cancel it, no one can afford this cost, but something happened later to save Apple unintentionally. .

In the same year, 315 Apple made the list. The reason is that there is a problem with a consumer’s mobile phone. Apple replaced him with a brand new iPhone according to the replacement policy, but he complained to 315 on the grounds that Apple’s replacement method did not comply with China’s three-guarantee policy. This user advocates a new phone, and the warranty period should be recalculated and re-warranted for one year from the moment when the official replacement phone is received, but at that time, Apple will continue the warranty period of the previous phone after replacing the new phone. According to China’s three-guarantee policy, if Apple must implement a replacement policy, it must replace the old mobile phone with consumers while providing the new mobile phone.

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Apple’s heart is cold now, how can I live. But Apple is probably laughing madly behind the scenes. I don’t even know how to solve the problem of after-sales replacement and warranty fraud. Then I will strictly follow China’s three-guarantee policy. In the future, if there is any problem with the iPhone, I will not replace it, and it will be repaired! Since then, Apple’s replacement service has withdrawn from the domestic market.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why Apple will not launch the Apple Care+ loss insurance service in China. With the lessons learned, Apple can expect that a large number of profiteers will use this service to take advantage of Apple, even if this service is used. Apple needs to be paid first, but it is trivial in the face of the huge benefits they can get. It’s like an insurance company earning premiums, but every policy will be in danger. Do you think the insurance company will continue to do it? It’s already been lost.


The reason is that scalpers disrupted the entire market for their own selfish interests, hurting the feelings and rights of consumers, which also led to the subsequent Microsoft Surface incident and Amazon Kindle incident that ended in recovering their rights. It can only be said that there is still a long way to go. The lack of trust has led to different treatment of domestic consumers. However, with the continuous development of the domestic market, I believe that one day these rights and interests will return.