February 7, 2023

Apple Park Apple Event November 2020

Apple plans to return to the office three days a week from next month, but it is reported that employees are protesting and signature activities are taking place.

Demand for flexible work styles that are not bound by location

Apple has announced a three-day work week mandatory on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and an optional extra day starting Sept. 5, but some employees seem to disagree. .
According to the British Financial Times, the number of employees who oppose Apple’s return to the office is increasing, and there is a movement to advocate “flexible work regardless of location”. It seems that the Apple employee group “Apple Together” is playing a central role in collecting signatures.

No to “uniform orders from senior management”

Apple Together argues that “universal mandates from senior management” fail to respect employees’ willingness to be “happier and more productive” working outside traditional offices.
The group requires that work arrangements be made in consultation with “direct managers” and that remote work options should not be subject to “high-level approvals” or “complex procedures.” I’m here.
Source: Financial Times via MacRumors

Source: iPhone Mania

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