December 2, 2022

Bloomberg Gurman quoted sources as saying that the “exclamation mark”-shaped punch hole in Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro models can be set up as a whole “pill” shape, with the middle part used as a privacy indicator, when the app uses the microphone and camera. remind.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Apple plans to replace the “notch” on the iPhone Pro with two separate “exclamation mark”-shaped punch-hole areas that will house the TrueDepth camera system for facial recognition. But they can be linked together by software design and look like a long pill.

Although shown as an entire area, the actual screen between the two punch holes can be used to display orange and green dots, which indicate that the camera or microphone has been activated by the app.

From what we’ve tested so far, when the hardware is active, that is, when the camera and microphone are in use, you can see a green or orange dot in the middle of the “pill”, an experience similar to using a Mac.

On a Mac, a green light that cannot be disabled appears when the webcam is in use, in the area to the right of the camera.

In addition, Apple will allow users to see exactly which app is using your privacy, just by tapping green and orange when the light turns on. Currently, this data is provided by the Control Center, which lists apps that have recently used the camera, microphone and location functions.

Apple is also said to be redesigning the camera app to move most of the controls to the top of the screen to provide users with a larger preview area for shots, but the change is “still not fully locked.”

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Of course, the privacy indicator won’t stay on under normal conditions, and the screen between the two punch holes on the iPhone 14 Pro will appear black, which looks more acceptable. In addition, Apple’s iPhone 14/Max will also use the standard “bangs” design, so it is likely to continue to use the same hardware indicators in the iPhone 13 series.

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