February 8, 2023

For my submission this year I decided to focus on 3 aspects of Apple Park which appealed to me. Glass, Solar Panels and Carbon Fibre.

(Please note, some scenes may occasionally appear to be choppy due to this running in the simulator and not an actual device)

In the glass section the user is required to cut a piece of glass and place it on the campus.

The solar panels scene is basically a time lapse where the user can adjust parameters such as the solar panel coverage, cloud cover, occupation and working hours. There aren’t many confirmed figures with regards to the the power consumption of Apple Park so a lot had to be assumed. What I could find was that the peak output is 18MW and the maximum capacity of the campus is 12 000 people.

I decided to be a bit ambitious with the carbon fibre section. I had a bit of fun with SceneKit for the introductory scene as well as demonstrating the heat resistance properties or carbon fibre by bringing back my lightning power nuclear fusion rocket.

This is my second ever SceneKit project the first being my WWDC19 submission. There was a lot more I intended to do, a few rough edges and half done sections commented out however as always with WWDC time is tight.

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