November 27, 2022


The revamped iPhone purchase page features larger images and faster access to the shopping assistant. There is also increased emphasis on Trade In.

Image size is too big

The previous purchase page design consisted of two columns with a static image on the left and configuration options on the right. The new design focuses on a choice of smartphone models to trade in, as well as larger images and a refined user experience.
The new design still separates the images and settings options into two columns, but the images are much larger than before, making it easier to see the iPhone’s color options.
As you progress through the setting process, you will be able to see videos by Apple employees that have never been seen before, and you can learn how to select storage. You can also start chatting with Apple Store employees from the bottom right of the screen.

Emphasis on trade-in

The biggest feature of this design change is the emphasis on trade-in. After you finish setting up your iPhone purchase, you’ll be asked if you have a device to trade in, and there’s a new video outlining the trade-in process.
The new purchase process is currently only available for iPhone purchases. This includes not only the flagship iPhone 13 series, but also older models such as the iPhone 12.
Source: 9to5Mac
Photo: Apple

Source: iPhone Mania

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