December 4, 2022

Apple released the first beta of the upcoming iOS 16.1 update to public testers today, just a day after the developer beta, but the update should be exactly the same, such as full support for the battery percentage icon, ” Smart Island” developer tools and features like new clean energy charging.

Of course, Apple also released a new iPadOS 16.1 public beta at the same time, and the specific updates are basically the same.

Apple releases the first public beta version of iOS 16.1: full support for battery percentage display illustration 1

Apple says iOS 16.1 will introduce Live Activity, an interactive notification feature that lets you keep an eye on what’s going on in the moment. Live events will provide some information on the lock screen and “Dynamic Island”, but you won’t be able to see them in beta yet because there is no app adaptation.

The update includes clean energy charging in the U.S. designed to allow iPhones to selectively charge while meeting low-carbon emissions, and it lays the groundwork for the smart home standard “Matter,” which Apple plans to start supporting this fall More smart homes.

Apple iOS 16.1/iPadOS 16.1 public beta upgrade method:

1. Users who want to experience the public beta version can apply to join the Apple Beta software program on the iOS 16 preview page on Apple’s official website. (Click here for detailed operation steps)

2. Or install the description file to update:

iOS 16/iPadOS public beta description file download.

How to use: Click the above “Download” to copy the link, and open it in Safari browser, follow the prompts to complete the installation, and after restarting, go to the mobile device settings to check for updates.

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3. You can also reply to the “Description File” in the Aisi Assistant official account to obtain the file for installation.

Due to some unstable situations and unknown problems in the beta version, it is still not recommended to upgrade through the main equipment. Please back up important data in advance (full backup of Aisi Assistant).