February 8, 2023

Apple Perth City

It is reported that the Apple Store union struggle has expanded to Australia, with a Zoom briefing hosted by Apple’s employee group Apple Together.

3rd briefing session held

Apple Together Australia has announced the latest in a series of three Zoom meetings hosted by the RAFFWU (Retail and Fast Food Workers Union). The RAFFWU briefing follows two briefings conducted by the ASU (Australian Service Workers’ Union).
The conference call, hosted by RAFFWU, will explain how industrial action works, the steps needed to protect and legalize industrial action, the impact industrial action will have on Apple’s negotiations, and will also include an opportunity to answer questions from workers. outlook.
The meeting will be held on August 25th. In June, it was reported that the unionization movement was spreading to England.

Apple claims not to return enough profits

Apple Together Australia explains the reason for unionization at the Apple Store as follows.

As you know, Apple has changed a lot in the last decade. The company has grown to be a $3 trillion giant, making it the most profitable company in human history. This is a result of the great products and services the company produces, as well as people like you (the store staff). (Omitted)
Apple does not share its success with us. They don’t appreciate our work. (Omitted)
Apple employees are among the highest earners in the world at $2.5 million per employee, and Apple’s median compensation is $68,254. The median employee compensation to CEO ratio is 1447 to 1. (Omitted)

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Source: Apple Together Australia via 9to5Mac
Photo: Apple

Source: iPhone Mania