November 27, 2022


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Complaints on Twitter, Reddit and Apple’s support community date back to June, and more recently on the MacRumors forum about the issue, which has been described to varying degrees as “electric buzzing” and “constant ringing,” the sound It’s very loud”, “it’s very loud”, “very annoying”.

Some users have found that the sound is not fan related and only occurs when a MacBook Pro or iPad is plugged into the Studio Display. Some have also noticed that the intensity and pitch of the noise can vary depending on the time of day, suggesting electrical shielding issues may be the cause of the malfunction.

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Ryan Roberts, a member of the Apple Support Community, said: “I’ve had a very annoying high-pitched buzzing noise from my Studio Display, I’ve talked to others on Twitter who are having this problem, and I’ve had Apple Support take care of the case, But didn’t fix it. It’s not a fan issue, it’s a distinct (very annoying) sound coming from the back of the monitor, presumably where the power supply is.”

Some users believe that the Apple Studio Display will receive interference from EV chargers. In the case of MacRumors reader Indominus, they traced the source of the interference to a Lutron Caseta dimmer installed in their home. The hum started coming out of the Studio Display whenever the dimmer was turned on. These dimmers aren’t even on the same circuit breaker as the Studio Display.

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Another user said he spent several hours on the phone with Apple Support/Engineering and came to the exact same conclusion: The Studio Display is poorly shielded from RF line noise, which propagates through the power supply to the fan control circuit, creating a nuisance that can be Listen to the hum. Other users say they’ve tried a power filter to fix the problem, to no avail, and some have received one or more replacement units from Apple with similar issues.

It’s unclear how widespread the problem is, but Apple appears to be aware of an issue affecting some Studio Display users, although a solution has yet to be found.