November 27, 2022

Soon the new iPhone 14/Pro series will meet us. Before the launch, foreign media 9To5Mac obtained more information.

First, pictures of Apple’s MagSafe phone case for the iPhone 14 Plus appeared online, or indicate that the previously reported iPhone 14 Plus is not the iPhone 14 Max. The 9to5Mac source further stated that the new large-screen iPhone 14 will indeed be named Plus rather than Max.

Apple's new 6.7-inch iPhone 14 will be named Plus instead of Max, sources say

Apple's new 6.7-inch iPhone 14 will be named Plus instead of Max, sources say

Sources familiar with the matter said Apple chose to name the next-generation larger iPhone the iPhone 14 Plus. Also, since at least July, iPhone case makers have been told not to use the iPhone 14 Max branding because it’s not the actual name of the product.

Additionally, 9to5Mac sources have confirmed that the regular iPhone 13 case will work with the regular iPhone 14 models. The source also claims that Apple will launch its new 35W charger as the charger of choice for the iPhone 14 Pro.

It was previously reported that the iPhone 14 Pro series may support a 30W charging speed, so it is expected that a 35W charger can be purchased separately.

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