September 25, 2022

ArtKidz: Dino Gang is the first app in the amazing Augmented Reality ArtKidz series.

Dino Gang introduces five new characters that your kids will absolutely love!

Darwin the Diplodocus is available for free and if you like it, you can purchase the rest of the gang: Teddy the T-Rex, Rachel the Raptor, Stephanie the Stegosaurus.

Dino Gang contains two different Colouring modes:
– 2D/3D Colouring, which allows your kids to finger paint directly on the screen, save the progress and use it on the 3D character.
– AR Colouring, the fantastic REAL TIME colouring technology that allows your kids to design directly on paper and colour the 3D dinosaur at the same time!

Dino Gang also has a simple but funny game that enables your kids to collect special items.

Each feature has a HELP video to show you how it works. Don’t be scared to press the “?” button, it’s really helpful!

How to use it:

– Tap the “Image” Icon on the main menu
– Save the images on your camera roll
– Print it
– Done!

The App is FREE, you can play with the Diplodocus, paint it and have fun!

If you like the App you can purchase the full set of dinosaurs and remember… PRINT, PAINT, PLAY!

By Red Frog Digital Limited

Download from Itunes

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