February 8, 2023


ASSIST is an easy to use cloud based solution designed to increase the speed, quality, safety and efficiency of site inspections and data collection. Using a simple, intuitive app and back office data platform, ASSIST improves overall workflow management of an infrastructure project.


• Information and pictures can be digitally captured, uploaded & shared instantly.
• Geo-tagged photographic evidence of inspections can be exchanged in real-time.
• Configurable forms to accommodate variation in requirements.
• Cloud based – easy to share and manage data.
• Adjustable workflow enables effective approvals and multi user hand off.
• Works both online and offline
• Configurable management dashboards & report templates
• Platform provides standardised workflows to reduce errors
• Ability to integrate with 3rd party systems or tools & internal systems

The Value

• Improved management of inspections and better data quality.
• Ability to create bespoke reports and analysis using collected data.
• Replace paper forms with digital site data collection technology.
• Easily share collected data to enable action to be taken sooner.
• Improve the end to end efficiency of site data collection operations.
• Reduce back office administrative effort required to create reports and manage inspection process.
• Many different uses, quality assessments, Health & Safety inspection, site diary, complex field data collection, snagging, condition surveys etc.

Why Assist?

• Lower project risks due to improved availability of data
• Quicker decisions through rapid sharing and use of data
• Automated reporting reduces back office time and cost
• Increased on-site productivity
• Data can be used to analyse & measure performance, develop best practices, identify trends and early warnings of potential issues
• Improved confidence in collected data using standard data formats and terminology across a team.

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