November 27, 2022

Edity 2 – Not just an audio editor, it’s a powerful recording, mixing and editing studio. Create your own podcasts, record music and voice, add audio effects, background noise and save to various audio formats.

We tried to keep only the essentials functions.
Key features:

◆ Multi-track recorder

Add, edit files and move between tracks

◆ Unlimited recording

Record voice, instruments in high quality and unlimited

◆ Basic editing tools

Do you need to cut part of a file, copy or paste? Easily!

◆ Adding third party files

Add files and background noise to tracks from iCloud Drive, your purchased tracks from iTunes or other sources

◆ Change pitch

Easily change altitude and speed

◆ High precision zoom

Convenient movement around the work area, zoom in and out work quickly and accurately

◆ Stereo Expander

Make your recordings sound truly modern with stereo surround sound

◆ Saving

Export files to many formats, adjust bitrate

◆ Working with projects

Save your work in the form of projects and return to them at any convenient time

◆ Working with long files (1 hour or more)

We have put a lot of effort into making it possible for you to record and add files of various lengths and work with them

◆ Various audio effects

Add variety and depth to your recordings: Reverb (with room presets) Delay, Distortion, Chorus, Filters and more

◆ 12 band equalizer

Allows you to remove unwanted frequencies from the overall mix or add missing ones

◆ Support for the most popular audio formats

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Wav, Mp3, Mp4, AAC, AIFF, m4a and many more

By Anzhela Kravchuk

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