January 29, 2023


Which Apple products should I buy at this time, and which Apple products should I not buy? Apple Hub, which delivers the latest Apple information, summarizes the information.

4 Mac models you should buy now

Among the Mac models, there are four models to buy as of August 2022: MacBook Air (M1), MacBook Air (M2), 24-inch iMac, and Mac Studio.
The MacBook Air (M1) released in November 2020 is still reasonably priced and has sufficient specs for many users.
The MacBook Air (M2), released in July 2022, is said to be a beautiful laptop with excellent performance.
The 24-inch iMac, which will be released in May 2021, is not expected to have a new model, so if you want to buy it, you should buy it now.
Mac Studio, available March 2022, is an extremely powerful machine, perfect for professionals and creatives.

Only one model of iPad to buy now

In the iPad lineup, the only one you should buy now is the 10.9-inch iPad Air, which will be released in March 2022.
Other than that, it is said that it is not recommended to buy now because the new model with the M2 chip will be released in October.

The only iPhone you should buy now is the latest iPhone SE

The only iPhone model you should buy right now is the iPhone SE (3rd generation). It is described as “a great option if you want a cheap device with a classic design.”
The sales prices of the iPhone13 mini and iPhone12 may drop next month, and the iPhone13 Pro Max, iPhone13 Pro, and iPhone13 should wait for the iPhone14 model to come out next month. The iPhone 11 is not recommended for purchase, as it is likely that sales will end next month.

Is there an Apple Watch model to buy now?

The Apple Watch Series 7 should not be bought now because the Series 8 will be released next month, and the second generation of the Apple Watch SE is expected to appear next month, so it is not recommended to buy now.

When buying AirPods only for the 3rd generation

It seems that AirPods 3 is the only AirPods model you should buy now. AirPods Max is said to be coming out in new colors soon, so you can buy it now, but you can’t wait for new color variations.

Source: @theapplehub/Twitter

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