December 5, 2022

According to MacRumors, major carriers are already starting to list Apple’s 2022 iPad Pro models and are adding the device to their systems.

Australian carriers begin preparations for Apple's 2022 iPad Pro

Apple’s current iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch models launch in April 2021. Now, Australian carrier Optus has added the 2022 iPad Pro models to its in-house inventory system, unlike the 2021 iPad Pro models. For example, the SKU of the fourth-generation iPad Pro 11-inch in space gray with 512GB of storage and cellular connectivity has been added to the Optus system. But at present, Apple has not released the fourth-generation iPad Pro 11-inch, and the latest model after 2021 is the third-generation iPad Pro 11-inch. The current third-generation iPad Pro 11-inch model is still on display in the Optus system as expected.

According to Optus staff, the 2022 iPad Pro models are not currently in stock. Still, order invoices show that some employees accidentally placed orders for the 2022 iPad Pro instead of the 2021 iPad Pro for some customers. A customer said that two days after receiving an order confirmation for the 2022 iPad Pro model, a customer service representative contacted them and said that the fourth-generation iPad Pro 11-inch was out of stock, and Optus could only provide the current third-generation iPad Pro 11. inch. The customer was told that the first iPad Pro model ordered for them, believed to be a 2022 model, would take two weeks to arrive in local stores, and it was unclear how this would be linked to the launch.

Optus systems don’t yet have specific specs for the new iPad Pro models, but staff are expected to update with more information. They haven’t been notified of when this update will take place, and they don’t yet know the launch date for the device.

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Apple is now expected to unveil updated iPad Pro models at its October event, especially since the official release of iPadOS 16.1 has been delayed until October.

Next-generation iPad Pro models are expected to feature an M2 chip, MagSafe wireless charging, two new four-pin connectors on the top and bottom edges, and camera upgrades.

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