December 2, 2022

Beacon Grabber- Scan BLE application will scan for beacons near you!
The application can scan, locate and track beacons for BLE device(such as iBeacons etc…) allows you to define actions that will be triggered when a specified event occurs.

There are some events supported:
• Beacon enters a region (The range begins)
• Beacon leaves the region (Out of range)
• Beacon is near you
1. It allows you to configure details like Service scan, Scan duration, Peripheral connection timeout, Maximum peripheral connection timeout.
2. The Beacon grabber screen shows you the state of connectivity, connected device and services provided
3. It display information about URL,UID, Beacon, TLM.

For each event you can define unlimited number of actions :
• Start an application
• Scan beacons near you
• Broadcast intent action
• Set peripheral connection timeouts.

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