February 7, 2023

While in theory what you said makes sense, but in practice not quite as much. I was doing the F2P grind while I was playing (quit the game now), with the basic free gems. I was at or higher than the server paragon level for the most part, and I found myself lower in combat rating then the required. For example, when I hit paragon 30, I found myself about 200 combat rating below the the H2 CR requirement, meaning I was not able to farm H2 at all. It took me and my friend a few days of farming to even catch up to the appropriate CR. The same thing happened when reaching H3.

The point being, when we were behind the combat rating, farming was exponentially difficult and the climbing the CR took a long time. This slowed down how fast we could farm and how fast we could earn our Legendaries. Neither of us could solo anything, and we had to group up with ppl with high Resonance for a few days and get carried to the appropriate CR before we could start doing our own thing. Whereas, the ppl with resonance can easily catch up on higher CR and farm higher difficulty as well as kill mobs MUCH faster than us, thus getting more drops and higher legendary drop rates.

The drop rate for gear/legendary with high resonance is higher than F2P, just because they have a higher CR, and can farm faster. It’s easy to farm with high Legendary Gems and take the gems off to showcase your CR now. But the amount of time/grinding you have to do as a F2P vs P2W is very different. Both can grind for the same amount of time, and when you take off your Legendary gems, the player that farmed with gems will still have higher CR than the F2P player, just by the fact the P2W player was able to farm faster, and farm higher difficulty compared to the F2P player.