December 4, 2022

Boot Race is the unique racing game in which you have to drive a variety of shoes in extreme racing competition. You might have played many traditional games but this army boot racing game is totally different because you will drive shoes and boots for the first time.

Drive different shoes for racing with your friends and family. Select your favorite shoe and be the champion of racing games for boys. Experience extreme driving and save your shoe cars from collision and crashes. Each crash or collision may kick you out from the extreme racing of real shoes.

Different epic racing tracks would make this boot motorcar game more interesting and exciting on asphalt roads. The city driving track is very rushy, you have to drive very smoothly in order to avoid collision with the nearest buildings to become the hero of shoes taxi driving games,. If you hit any wall or shoe car, your speed will be reduced abruptly and opponent boot cars would overtake you in no time. So drive your running shoes precisely for winning the race on the racer highway. The offroad racing track is very challenging, your one turn in the wrong direction may take you out of the race. Keep your boot or shoe in your lane to complete the race laps successfully by beating the real kings of racing games.

Different racing modes like time trial, lap knock out, elimination and checkpoints make this shoe driving game more interesting. Sports shoes and sports boots must be driven carefully for winning all the racing modes. Use nitro to overtake all the shoes in all the army boot racing modes. Don’t waste a single second and crash other cars for reaching the finish point in minimum time and be a champion of free shoes games.

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By Umair Liaquat

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