February 8, 2023

Breaking 1.12 million points

The “ultimate masterpiece” of the Redmi K50 series equipped with the Snapdragon 8+ chipset was confirmed as the K50 Extreme Edition by the official leading promotional document earlier.

Earlier, Xiaomi started to promote the Snapdragon 8+ platform mobile phone named K50 Extreme Edition through the official Weibo account of “Redmi Redmi”. In the promotional image, the manufacturer released the most hard-core performance in the history of the K series, and described the Snapdragon 8+ chipset it is equipped with as “wild performance, wild tuning”, along with the direction of picture quality, resolution, and stability. performance.


As for the actual performance of the device, there has recently been a domestic whistleblower “Digital Chat Station”. On its Weibo account, it showed the test results of “Antutu” suspected to be the K50 Extreme Edition. According to reports, the device scored 1,120,691 points, including 261,363 points for CPU, 489,064 points for GPU, 193,133 points for MEM, and 177,131 points for UX. In addition, some sharp-eyed netizens found that the width of this “Antutu” test result screenshot is 1,080 pixels, which seems to be in line with the statement that the latest K50 Extreme Edition will be equipped with FHD+ resolution AMOLED.

Source: Weibo

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