November 27, 2022


The smartphone industry is moving towards the next frontier, satellite communications. British company Bullitt has revealed to the BBC that it will launch a satellite-enabled smartphone in early 2023, amid rumors that Apple will announce a new satellite communication function for the iPhone.

Is the fee structure the same as the existing one?

At the Apple event “Far Out.” held early in August Japan time, the iPhone 14 series equipped with an emergency satellite connection function is expected to be announced. Rival Huawei has also just announced a new flagship model with satellite communication capabilities.
British smartphone maker Bullitt plans to launch a new satellite communication service in 2023, and is expected to be able to send and receive only text messages at first. Recipients receive the message in the form of an SMS and can reply by downloading Bullitt’s app. It’s free for recipients, but Bullitt smartphone owners have to pay a monthly fee to use the service.
Bullitt declined to say how much the satellite service would cost, but said it would be similar to existing cell phone bills and would be on top of a standard network contract.

Automatically connect to satellites when there is no mobile network

When there is no Wi-Fi or mobile network signal, Bullitt phones automatically link to one of two global satellite networks.
Devices using Elon Musk’s platform can wait up to 30 minutes to connect to a satellite, but Bullitt’s deals with two global satellite networks have reduced the wait. The time should not be more than a few seconds.
Bullitt’s phone will be equipped with a custom chipset developed with an Asian manufacturer over the course of 18 months. Battery drain is minimized by only searching for satellites when there are no other signals.
Source: Bullitt via BBC

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