December 2, 2022

Put your crypto to work with Cake DeFi – the simple, safe, and transparent way to earn passive income of up to 30% annual yield on your crypto assets.

Earn on Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFiChain and many other cryptocurrencies. Now with a US$30 in crypto welcome bonus* for a limited time!

Crypto investors on Cake DeFi enjoy:

• Earn passive income on any of your cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFiChain, Litecoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash and more
• Easy to use interface: It has never been easier to make a passive income with your crypto using Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products such as Staking, Liquidity Mining, and more.
• Deposit, withdraw, and start earning any time! No minimum investment.

• Cake DeFi (Cake Pte Ltd.) is a financial services provider headquartered and registered in Singapore and is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Your Bitcoin feel home!
• Paid out US$371M in customer rewards over 3 years.
Complete transparency on how rewards are generated, with full access to blockchain information and transactions, e.g. our staking master nodes.
• Secured by multisig and cold storage: Cake DeFi employs industry-leading security facilities to ensure your crypto assets are stored cold by default and hot only when it moves.

• Join an awesome community of over 1,000,000 Cake DeFi investors just like you and start earning a passive income with your crypto today.
• Customers love Cake DeFi – speak with customers that have been earning yield on their crypto over the past 3 years in our community channels!
• The equivalent of a 5-star chef – Cake DeFi’s Customer Support is always ready to assist you.

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Download the Cake DeFi app and start putting your crypto to work. For a limited time, get a FREE US$30 in crypto welcome bonus*.

* Deposit at least US$50 into your Cake DeFi account and allocate it into Lending, Staking or Liquidity Mining. Next, enter our Freezer or Lending product for at least 28 days and the bonus will automatically show up in your account.

+ About Cake DeFi

The Cake DeFi App is the one-stop platform for all your crypto investment needs. You can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum directly on our platform, and even swap them to other popular coins or Decentralized Assets such as dTSLA or dAMZN. And it doesn’t stop there: using our Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products such as Staking or Liquidity Mining, you can yield a high passive income on your crypto – all in the most secure and transparent way you have ever experienced.

+ What are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets regarded as investments. They are secured in decentralized networks, not controlled by any individual actors, and are used in technical applications such as Decentralized Finance protocols or as a means of payment. Transactions are recorded in blockchains. The most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

By Cake DeFi

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