February 7, 2023

Can Honor with Google replace HUAWEI?

At the beginning of this month, Honor officially announced its official launch in Hong Kong and launched the Magic 4 Pro as its first product. From the appearance design and system interface of the Magic 4 Pro, everyone will think that the Magic 4 Pro is a Mate 40 Pro with GMS. Can Google’s Honor replace HUAWEI?

In fact, Honor has long been independent from HUAWEI, but it still adopts the design of HUAWEI mobile phones. The system interface is pre-installed with the same Magic UI as EMUI, which makes foreign consumers mistakenly think that Honor is a substitute for HUAWEI. Is it true?


Although the Magic 4 Pro and Mate 40 Pro are similar in appearance and design, the Magic 4 Pro is a product in 2022, and the Mate 40 Pro is a product in 2020. The difference between the two is a year and a half, which shows that Honor’s design lacks sincerity.

On the system, although Magic UI with the same design as EMUI is pre-installed, it is only a castrated version in function, and many EMUI functions, such as intellisense space gestures and auxiliary functions, are not available.

▲The exclusive “moment” function has been added to the HUAWEI photobook

▲ For the film production function, HUAWEI uses “petal editing”, while Honor only uses the ordinary Android system production function.

As for the most practical HyperTerminal, HUAWEI Pay and Octopus services for HUAWEI mobile phones, none of them appear on the Magic UI. And HUAWEI’s own image brand XMAGE in the future will not be found on Honor mobile phones in the future. From a temporary point of view, the functions and supporting facilities of HUAWEI mobile phones are difficult to replace by Honor. If you are looking for a mobile phone with GMS service and 5G network, at a price of more than 7,000 yuan, why not choose another brand?

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