February 7, 2023


Mobile phone sales agents such as consumer electronics mass retailers continue to sell carrier version iPhones mainly on weekends, and sell iPhone 12 and iPhone SE (3rd generation) at sale prices on conditions such as MNP. Some are also sold at bulk purchase prices.

Mass retailer sale

In the sale of carrier version iPhones conducted by some electronics retailers, iPhone 12 and iPhone SE (3rd generation) are sold at sale prices on the condition that the terminal is returned after 2 years with a residual value setting type contract. It is sold.
On the other hand, some carriers’ iPhones can be purchased in bulk without the need to return the terminal.
On August 19th, Twitter user Dad Matane (@otousanmatane) posted an image of the inside of the Yodobashi Camera Akihabara store.
The au version iPhone SE (3rd generation) 64GB model is sold for 6,900 yen in bulk under the condition of MNP. Also, the iPhone 12 64GB model is 48,000 yen.
In a residual value setting contract that requires the terminal to be returned after two years, each carrier’s iPhone SE (3rd generation) and iPhone 12 are offered at an actual burden of 1 yen to 24 yen.

The contents of the sale may change in the future.

Carrier version iPhone sales are not held at online shops of consumer electronics mass retailers, but are held only at physical stores such as mass retailers and shopping malls. In addition, the contents of the sale may differ depending on the stock status of the store. Also, the contents of the sale change greatly from week to week.
For a while, a sale was held at a lump sum price that did not require the terminal to be returned, but at the time of writing the article, there are many residual value setting type contracts. In addition, the Japan Fair Trade Commission announced that it will conduct an investigation, arguing that the sale of iPhones, etc. at “1 yen in bulk” may constitute a violation of the Antimonopoly Act (unfair bargaining).
On the other hand, the price of Apple products such as the iPhone has increased significantly due to the impact of the weak yen, so it seems that it will be possible to use the iPhone at a great price by using a residual value setting type contract.
Please check with your local store for details on sale items and stock availability.
Source: see you dad / Twitter


Source: iPhone Mania