February 8, 2023

I could imagine, there are legendaries that change the buff skill to something damaging. For me as a necro there’s a legendary making bone armor an offensive damaging skill.

So, I’m pretty sure it’s working as intented. But someone, who’s simply focussing on maxing the numbers and not even paying specific attention to the details… yes, then something like this may happen. And that’s not the first time, where JT is basically doing something “not so smart” because he can afford it and simply wants to go for that maximum.

No hate 🙂 Been a subscriber of JT for years. Watched hundreds of the Castle Clash rolling videos. Everytime a new hero was released and he did not only roll for himself a ton of money but also for other players. That was already insane, but entertaining^^ But if someone knows JTs past it would be easier to understand, why he simply decided to go for the max in Diablo Immortal and is doing it as planed.

But the strang thing probably will be… Blizzard didn’t anticipate, that someone would spend that amound in this short time. I hope it won’t get “boring” too soon, when there’s almost no more reason to make 10x leg crested elder rifts. Because that’s basically only one part of the game. Running dungeons and grinding for the correct set items and good rolls, was intented to be the more important part. But I guess, JT is someone who has the will and endurance to keep on grinding the game anyway, even if he reaches the 7500 Ressonance and actually can’t improve any further, only with better rolled sets/legs.

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