December 5, 2022

Loongson CPU

Until now, the general perception was that CPU cores designed by Western countries such as Intel, AMD, and Arm had high performance, and those made in China were inferior to them.
The 3A6000, announced by Chinese manufacturer Loongson, is said to have the same performance as AMD’s Zen 3 and Intel’s Tiger Lake, and this perception may change.

3A6000 with performance per cycle on par with Zen 3 and Tiger Lake

Loongson announced the “6000 series” with a new CPU architecture at a conference call for investors.
There was a mention of the performance of “3A6000” in this series, and it was confirmed that the performance per cycle (Instruction Per Cycle, IPC) is equivalent to AMD’s Zen 3 and Intel’s 11th generation Core (Tiger Lake). … apparently …
Performance measurements were performed using the SPEC CPU 06 of the benchmark suite, and it is said that performance improvement of up to 68% was achieved compared to conventional products.
Zen 3 and 11th generation Core are not the latest generation CPU cores for AMD and Intel, but it can be said that the Chinese manufacturers’ capabilities have improved considerably.
Loongson plans to introduce the next-generation “7000 series” in 2024, and this generation may close the gap even further.

Operating frequency unknown

However, this comparison is per-cycle performance and does not take operating frequency into account.
Miniaturization of semiconductor processes is essential to achieve high operating frequencies, but China still lags behind the West in this area.
Because of this, products with newer CPU cores from Loongson are not necessarily competitors for CPUs from the likes of AMD and Intel. Also, power consumption is unknown.
Loongson plans to launch the 3C6000 with 16 cores of this CPU core in early 2023 and the one with 32 cores in mid-2023.

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Source: MyDrivers via Wccftech

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