January 29, 2023

NOTE: I BRAIN-FARTED the mainstat graphic, Goblets CANNOT have ER% mainstats.

ALSO, explanation as to why Staff of Homa wasn’t recommended:

Staff of Homa is primarily a DPS weapon, and as such, Thoma can’t make good use of the crit value and high base ATK without sacrificing much needed HP and ER rolls for crit rate rolls. This alone already makes optimizing him much more difficult when using Staff of Homa BUT, to further that issue, Staff of Homa’s HP bonus on the weapon passive isn’t even half of what Black Tassel can provide, and doesn’t provide even half of the value that (for example) The Catch, Engulfing Lightning, Fav Lance, Starglitter, etc. can provide, and most of those weapons are 4 stars.

“But Marcus, Zhongli uses Staff of Homa really well”

Zhongli’s energy requirements are extremely low, especially especially compared to Thoma, so he doesn’t need to worry about ER% rolls as much anyways (allowing him to focus more on other stats), PLUS, his most valuable asset (shielding) is tied to his skill, not his burst. So the crit value and high base ATK of Staff of Homa is just an added bonus on top of his already very forgiving build needs.

If you plan to build Thoma as some sort of SubDPS hybrid, Homa could be a decent choice, but as a shield support, he is not the sharty bae for Homa.

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