November 27, 2022

Recently, the launch of the new iPhone 14 series of Apple mobile phones will be released in September. In addition to the new products released by Apple mobile phones, there are also many other brands of new mobile phones. As soon as many new mobile phones come out, many people want to change their mobile phones, some simply want to change their mobile phones, some are because the mobile phone card is dead and need to change their mobile phones, and some want to buy a better mobile phone for their family, which shows that mobile phones play an important role in life. Status, many things are inconvenient without a mobile phone. Mobile phones are made up of different components, and ceramic capacitors are one of them.

First, the definition of ceramic capacitors

Ceramic capacitors are one of many capacitors, also known as ceramic dielectric capacitors. They use high dielectric constant ceramic materials as the medium, and coat the medium made of ceramic with a metal film (usually silver), which is sintered at high temperature. Electrodes are formed, and the surface of the prepared ceramic capacitor is coated with protective enamel, or the ceramic capacitor with the shape of a disc is formed by encapsulating the flame retardant epoxy resin.

Second, the production process of ceramic capacitors

Batching → Casting → Printing → Lamination → Cover making → Lamination → Cutting → Debinding → Sintering → Chamfering → Termination → Burning → End Treatment → Appearance Selection → Testing → Taping / Packaging

Each production of ceramic capacitors must be carried out in accordance with strict production standards to ensure the quality and quality of ceramic capacitors. Every production line of Zhixu’s original factory is strictly implemented in accordance with the production standards. Every time the products produced will be checked and screened again, the unqualified products will be discarded, and the good quality products will be left and delivered to customers.

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Third, the application of ceramic capacitors

Ceramic capacitors are widely used in industrial fields, medical equipment, power systems, filter connectors, security inspection equipment, atomic energy related equipment, power systems (circuit breakers), electrostatic precipitators, welding equipment, mineral exploration equipment, and defense industry.

The production process of ceramic capacitors is complex and widely used. When choosing ceramic capacitors, you must choose ceramic capacitors with excellent quality and guaranteed quality.

Reviewing Editor: Tang Zihong