February 7, 2023

iPhone14 Pro AH0806

The Economic Daily reported that Largan Precision’s sales in July 2022 hit a record high this year.

Good results for Largan Precision

Largan Precision’s sales in July 2022 increased by 14.5% month-on-month to TWD 3,885 million (approximately JPY 17.5 billion), marking a record high this year.
The company’s sales for the full year (January-July 2022) decreased by 7.92% compared to the same period in 2021.
However, since Largan Precision will supply camera lenses for the iPhone 14 series, the economic daily reports that sales in the second half of 2022 (July to December) are on the rise.

Expected to focus on high-end lenses in the future

Largan Precision chairman Unpei Hayashi said August sales will be higher than July ahead of the launch of the new iPhones.
It is likely that China’s Sunny Optical will supply more than 50% of the rear wide-angle camera lens for the iPhone 14 series, and the supply ratio of Largan Precision is expected to decrease accordingly.
In the future, the company is expected to focus on products with high selling prices, such as periscope lenses for the iPhone 15 Pro, making use of its technological capabilities.
Source: Economic Daily
Photo: Apple Hub/Facebook

Source: iPhone Mania

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