December 4, 2022

Btw if anyone had an actual effing clue , monetization model is in hearthstone which is actually more p2w of a game . Asmongold is a moron and Maxroll is seen as quitting little beaches , people that ditch out of battlegrounds or dungeons or vault runs early are called Maxrollers 🤣

They also were dumb af as everything they put in a guide they told everyone in their discord first who went and told everyone else and somebody beats them to a vid because of their own big mouth can’t cry about being called out for telling people first .

As for the question you asked . Your vids are done well, good job but no sub but will leave a like

As for winning? Nope , not by any means . Especially now with resonance in matchmaking parameters meaning 90% chance in bg you will never see a whale or even dolphin and as I as a free to play got to top pvp ranks , was in immortal clan with a 7 week reign and enjoying the game and seeing the server fill up more daily it’s beyond clear that ACTUAL Mobile gamers don’t see the game as you do . Hearthstone is more p2w as the top spenders in that game have greatly passed the 100k guy who got bad rolls (Average cost of 7200 resonance is 30-35k )

Clash of Clans , gatcha games all require more spending over long periods of time , diablo immortal just offers you a way to shorten the time of maxing with the only paywall being awakening stones (10$ per stone 60$ full set ) . They added in weekly eternal crest you can get and crafting regular legendary crests . First big content chunk drops at end of month

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