February 8, 2023


Here’s your challenge… you’ve got a disc ready to drop. If it falls in the right place there’ll be fireworks and confetti and lots of good stuff!

But you’ve got options. What would give you the best result? Should you use a booster and watch vapour trails and mini-explosions as your disc sets off a chain reaction? What’s a clever way to go past that obstacle? Can you get the max possible points for this level? Are you ready? Tap the screen and watch this disc goooooooooooo!

▪ Disc-cover this fun puzzle game with sparkly animations and zippy sound effects! Simple to learn, just drop discs to make lines of matching colors so you can clear the grid and progress to the next round. Earn boosters which add special abilities to help you complete other levels.

▪ Disc-cuss it with your friends! Who’s made it through level 23? There’s a wide range of easy to hard levels so anyone can play. Absorb yourself in this no stress game where you’ll be rewarded for using logic to solve puzzling problems.

▪ Disc-till-dawn! Play for one minute or keep dropping discs till the sun comes up!



▪ Hundreds of levels
▪ Huge range of grid layouts, sizes and colors
▪ Amazing Boosters,
▪ Live world ranking display (sign in to Game Center)
▪ Syncs your progress to the cloud
▪ You can play offline
▪ Free to play



By BiscuitByte Limited

Download from Itunes

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