February 7, 2023

You use Safari every day, but do you really use it? Have you delved into Safari’s features and settings?

Do you use Safari browser?  What are the tricks of Safari browser? Illustration 1

Safari is Apple’s default web browser on the iPhone and iPad. The safari page is very simple, as simple as a search box, which is completely different from the mainstream browsers that induce you to click variously. Let you focus more on finding web pages, instead of being distracted by the flow of information.

Standard options like Private Browsing, Reader view, and downloading files are just a few of the options, and there’s more to Safari than we’d like to discover. In order to let everyone get a better Safari experience, let’s take a look at how to use Safari and some functions and settings of Safari.

1. Long press in the lower right corner of the browser to choose to close all webpages; click the size words in the upper left corner to choose to translate webpages, and after taking a screenshot, choose the whole page to take a screenshot of the entire website.

2. Long press the plus sign to view recently viewed web pages; open a frequently used website on Safari and tap the share button to add it directly to the home screen, so that next time you can open the website directly on the home screen.

3. A blue hyperlink appears on the webpage, long press to preview it; long press the return in the lower left corner to view the previously browsed webpage; long press the book to add the webpage to the homepage tab.

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4. Click on the size, click on request desktop website, you can turn the mobile website into a PC website, and the PC and mobile website can be seamlessly switched, so that the website becomes its original appearance.

5. When Safari is playing a video, click the second button in the upper left corner of the video to play it on a small screen. When you take an online class, you can take notes while taking the online class.

6. When you read web pages, you often encounter pop-up windows and other advertisements in the APP. Just long press the size to change to reading mode and block all advertisements; click again to select the background color. Open Safari in Settings, click Extensions, click More Extensions, there are a lot of official plugins, and you can also block ads and trackers.