January 29, 2023

As we all know, in the increasingly convoluted mobile phone market, self-research is the foundation of domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Only with their own technology can they prevent being “stuck in the neck”. At present, the mobile phone chip giant is none other than Qualcomm, but China also has its own chips.

Recently, Cao Haitao, a Distinguished Professor of Mindu Scholars of Minjiang University, said in an interview program that 30% of mobile phones sold in China must use domestic chips, and the lower the proportion, the heavier the tax, up to 400%.

Cao Haitao also said that the purpose of this is to cultivate the domestic market, because when there is a market, there is income, and when there is income, there is R&D investment. Otherwise, it will always be controlled by others.

Regarding the semiconductor industry, he said that the semiconductor industry consumes a lot of resources in Taiwan. The average daily water consumption of TSMC’s factories last year was as high as about 150,000 tons, and the entire Hsinchu Science and Technology Park enterprises only consumed 140,000 tons of water a day.

Chen Keming, former director of the Taiwan Economic Research Institute of Huaqiao University and director of the National Taiwan Research Association, said that TSMC is the leader of the semiconductor industry in Taiwan, but high valuation is a problem. 80% of TSMC’s shareholders are overseas, and only 20% are in the hands of Taiwan compatriots. In other words, 80% of the money the industry makes is taken by foreigners.

This topic has also aroused heated discussions among many netizens. Everyone’s opinions are also different. Some say that this should be done, and some netizens think that it should be treated calmly. If the current technology level of domestic chips is really adopted, it will lead to poor performance of mobile phones. Go backwards, what do you think?

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Experts suggest that Chinese mobile phones use domestic chips or raise taxes by 400%, causing heated discussions: Is it really so radical?