December 3, 2022

Formas is a drawing challenge unlike any others! If you are looking for physic puzzles to train your brain, you will love playing Formas. Formas is certainly not another kiddie connect the lines or draw the lines game. It is much more than that! The concept of this physic & drawing game is very simple: draw some things to cover the objects, but in reality, it’s quite challenging. Of course it’s also fun and addictive. Read more to find out about Formas, the true physic and drawing brain game!

=== GAMEPLAY: ===

This game concept is based on physic law, especially gravity. Your task is to doodle and draw something. After you connect the lines and create a shape, it will fall down from the drawing board to the board below. The shape should cover the hexagon shapes but avoiding the diamond shapes. You have to make sure the shape, size, placement, and the order of the creations are right.


• Endless chance to try to solve the puzzles.
• Fun and addictive brain challenge based on gravity and physic.
• Simple but captivating game graphic.
• Touch draw with your finger.
• Great for kids and adult.
• Get Hints to solve more complicated puzzles.
• 50 awesome levels.
• Train your logical skill.
• Train your concentration and persistence.
• Ability to unlock the next level even if you haven’t solved the previous ones.

As you can see, Formas is definitely more than just another draw a line or draw a stick man game. This is truly a peak brain training that will encourage you to use your logical skill. Of course you also need to be persistent. Only very few of us can solve all the puzzles easily. If you persistent, you will succeed in this game as well as in life. So, try to train your brain and logic in a fun and exciting way, such as by playing our brain challenge game.

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• Drawsomething. Anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s pretty or have really weird shapes like a stick man.
• Aside from the shape and size, you also need to think about the placement and the order of creation.
• Don’t hesitate to keep trying. There’s no limit on how many times you can try to doodle and find the solution.
• Find a friend or doodle buddy to play with you. Another pair of eyes will certainly help on more difficult level.

The best thing about our doodle challenge is that it’s completely FREE to download and play. You don’t even have to pay to get HINTS or to UNLOCK next level before solving the previous ones. This is a truly fun and kid friendly game for the whole family.
So, what are you waiting for? Download and PLAY our game now! Challenge your doodle buddies and see who can solve the most puzzles within the shortest amount of time!

We are happy if you are happy! If you enjoy this fun and addictive physic puzzle game, please leave a rating and review on our Appstore page. It will help us to improve this game and create other exciting games and challenges for you.


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