January 29, 2023

Apple Store support

A person who worked at the Apple Store carefully explains why he often has to wait at the Genius Bar.

Wait times were long due to a combination of factors.

Dr. Bread Pitt (@drbreadpitt) revealed in a series of tweets why Apple Store Genius Bar reservations don’t seem to start on time.
First of all, reservations are usually made on the assumption that 20% to 40% of the people who have made reservations will not come, and if everyone shows up on time, they will have to wait.

And since employees are human, they may be late or have an emergency. When such a thing happens, the store leader will support rescheduling, but there are times when they can’t get around.

In addition, appointment times are determined based on a diagnosis of the user’s problem, but users or employees making the wrong decisions can take longer than expected, resulting in people waiting. It is said that it may be put away.

Dr. Pitt, who helped set up Genius Bar’s reservation system nearly seven years ago, said he didn’t fully understand how the system worked, which can affect wait times. increase.
In addition, it is said that one of the reasons for the long wait time is that the technicians are overworked and not appreciated enough.
Source: Apple Insider
Photo: Apple

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