February 7, 2023

Sam Soon

Samsung and Apple have a rivalry, but 10 years ago, a man who worked at an Apple Store under the name of “Sam Sun” put up business cards from that time at an auction and has become a hot topic.

Apple employee Sam Soon’s business card goes up for second charity auction

The current Sam Struan, who was known as “Sam Sun”, worked as a store employee at Apple Glasgow on Canaan Street in Glasgove, Scotland between 2010 and 2012. After that, he moved to Vancouver, Canada, and after working at the local Apple Store, he is now a career coach.
When Mr. Struan left Apple in 2013, he put up his own business card with “Sam Sun” written on it at a charity auction, but earlier this year his family found the business card when he was in Glasgow. However, it is said that the idea of ​​holding a second charity auction was raised.
The auction is currently taking place on eBay, and as of 22:00 on August 21, it is priced at CAD 760 (about 80,000 yen).

The money paid for the successful bid at the auction will be donated in full to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Center, which supports women and children in Vancouver.
Source: samthescot/eBay via AppleInsider

Source: iPhone Mania

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