December 4, 2022

tanked app logoFuel-saving apps for the iPhone are now a dime a dozen. While the apps live up to their claim of displaying the cheapest fuel price in the area, this core function is usually overshadowed by an oversupply of features and options. Not so with the free app “tankste!”. This is limited to the essentials and even does it quite well.

“tankste!”: Minimalist fuel price app with traffic light system

The tank discount has been a thing of the past for a few days and many a driver gets slightly nauseous at the thought of the next visit to the gas station. Fuel-saving apps cannot correct fuel prices downwards, but they can at least help to avoid charging the maximum price at the pump every time. One application that made a particularly good impression on us is “tankste! Your fuel price app”. Anyone who finds the usual suspects à la tanking up & Co. too confusing should take a look at this minimalist and completely free tank app.

‎refueled! Your fuel price app (free, App Store) →

The app does not confuse you with umpteen menu items and features, but simply throws the current fuel prices in your area on the screen. Using the well-established traffic light system (green = cheap, orange = slightly more expensive, red = expensive), you can see at a glance where you can refuel the cheapest. The app is currently limited to displaying petrol E5, petrol E10 and diesel. With a tap of your finger on one of the prices on the map, you get more information about the opening hours of the respective gas station and a link to the Apple Maps app, where you can start navigating to the gas station. The direct jump to Google Maps is not yet supported, but this may change.

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Our opinion on the app

If you like things uncomplicated, you are welcome to download the tankste! app onto your iPhone. It fulfills its purpose and does not distract with additional bells and whistles. Thanks to the traffic light system, the cheapest price in the area can be found quickly and accessed directly via Apple Maps. You only have to make compromises when selecting the types of fuel. The app is also completely free and has no advertising, subscription requirements or in-app gimmicks. With currently 4.5 out of 5 stars, the still young app is definitely a clear download tip.

‎refueled! Your fuel price app (free, App Store) →

Source: iPhone Tricks