February 8, 2023

Images of Pixel 6 glitches

Google is said to be announcing the new flagship smartphone “Pixel 7” series soon, but it is still suffering from the problem of the Pixel 6 series a year ago.
The Pixel 7 series will have attractive new features, but it may not win consumer confidence as it is.

Pixel 6 series still finds new bugs

The Pixel 6 series has been on sale for about 10 months, but new bugs are still being reported.
For example, on August 6th, a problem was reported on YouTube that the screen freezes while watching a video.

In addition, it has been reported that the multitasking menu and application switching screen will stop responding for a few seconds.
Google releases bug fix updates frequently, and even though it just released an update on August 5th to fix a GPS glitch, it’s still far from stable.
The Pixel 6 series has had many problems so far, and users are saying ‘I’m tired of it’.

Pixel 7’s quality remains a concern

Regarding Google’s smartphones, not only the Pixel 6 series but also the successor Pixel 6a has been reported to be unlocked with an unregistered fingerprint.
The Pixel 6a uses the same Tensor chip as the Pixel 6 series, despite feedback from the Pixel 6 series.
For this reason, there are concerns about the quality of the Pixel 7 series, which is expected to have a new chip and OS.

Source: PhoneArena, Mole/YouTube

Source: iPhone Mania

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